Vanessa Beecroft: «Happiness is staying clear. In my performances I observe who resists and who doesn’t “

from Francesca Pini In Cinecitt, in the legendary Teatro 5 where Fellini was shooting, the artist brought the new work which lasted 3 hours and involved 300 women. The aesthetic writings of Marx and Engels formed me. And my grandmother, kind but unsociable Cinecitt, Teatro 5. Fellini’s “house”. And almost a return to his City … Read more

Social ecology. Milpamerica resists, living solutions to the climate crisis

Latin American Summary, October 11, 2022. People belonging to indigenous and black peoples in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are organizing to face the climate crisis in the region, publishing narrative actions between October 10 and 14. A few weeks before COP27, they make a call to listen to the voices of indigenous and … Read more