They order the release of the serial killer ‘The Serpent’, of which they made a series on Netflix

The Supreme Court of Nepal ordered the release of Frenchman Charles Sobhraj, the serial killer portrayed as ‘the Serpent’ in the Netflix series and that he was responsible for several homicides throughout Asia in the 1970s. The highest instance of the Asian country ruled that Sobhraj, 78, imprisoned in this Himalayan Republic since 2003 for … Read more

‘The White Lotus’ (Season 3): release date, new location, who returns and who does not and everything we know about the future of the brilliant series

The second installment of the anthological series has just said goodbye to HBO Max, but with the guarantee of its return. We tell you everything you need to know about his future. The White Lotus it was one of the great surprises of 2021 and has repeated his feat in 2022 with the premiere of … Read more

Trailer, Release Date, And Everything We Know

In the years since their first appearance on screen, the heroes and villains of Transformers franchise have captivated generations of fans. And maybe no more than the animal-themed robots of Beast Wars: Transformers. And now Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will continue at the same time Transformers story and paying homage to the beloved animated … Read more

Charlie Cunningham, ‘Frame’ release date announced

Charlie Cunningham has announced the release date of his highly anticipated third album of unreleased tracks “Frames” (BMG), which will see the light on March 31, 2023. Without a doubt, it is themost ambitious album by the singer-songwriter until today. In fact, Charlie follows the singer-songwriter roots, but his songs are enriched with references … Read more

Morocco: Demand the release of human rights defender Rida Benothmane and Mohammed Baassou

The conviction was on November 7, he had been detained since September RELEASE The National Organization for the Support of Prisoners of Conscience and Victims of Violations of Freedom of Expression demands the release of human rights defender Rida Benotmane and doctor Mohammed Baassou responsible for the Justice and Spirituality Association. ‏The agency has been … Read more

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: still no release in China for the new Marvel Studios (same for Black Adam) |

The censors of the Chinese political regime refuse (again and again) to open the doors of the national market to American productions of the superhero family. In recent years, a series of political frictions that have arisen between the United States and China have gradually obstructed the channel for the release of major blockbusters in … Read more

Don Miguel Ruiz: exceptional interview for the release of his book “Actor of your life”

This article was published in the magazine #36 September-October 2021>> To find the list of points of sale is here A spiritual leader followed by millions of people, Don Miguel Ruiz is the author of Four Toltec Accords, the famous best-seller published in France in 1999 and translated into 46 languages. After an extraordinary life … Read more

Black Panther Wakanda Forever: Release date, scenario… All about the new Marvel movie

news culture Black Panther Wakanda Forever: Release date, scenario… All about the new Marvel movie Published on 29/10/2022 at 11:15 After a disappointing Thor: Love and Thunder from a critical point of view, the JV editorial staff offers you an update on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Before returning to this kingdom as magical as it … Read more

Mal & Son season 2: Netflix has already scheduled the release date?

The new original creation clearly exceeds expectations and could become one of the most popular series of the year! The adaptation of the literary saga imagined by Sally Green is far from over and the end of the eighth episode leaves us with tons of unanswered questions. Does this mean that season 2 of Mal … Read more