Rosario Murillo: “Provoking rejection is a sin against spirituality” |

Photo: Act to commemorate National Dignity Day, chaired by Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo / Courtesy The Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo He referred to the country as one that works together for progress, a country full of Christ. «We live walking with his spirit and message, full of love and … Read more

A brief analysis of the categorical triumph of the Rejection

Having believed exactly the opposite of what the electoral result showed, I thought that it would be the “approval” that would be around 60%, I want to reflect on this error of appreciation of the current moment. This result of the plebiscite shows me that I was not looking correctly; I want to take advantage … Read more

The Economist calls for a vote Rejection: publication says that the constitutional proposal is a “big mistake” and “fiscally irresponsible”

The liberal English publication The Economist published an article on Wednesday in which they give their opinion on the proposed new Constitution and their verdict is categorical: it calls for rejecting it at the polls. The article is titled “Voters should reject Chile’s new constitutional draft”, calling it a “major mistake” and a “fiscally irresponsible … Read more