Paula Morales: a divine psychologist

Gastón Ricaud and Paula Morales star in “Oh, my God” Although she never practiced, Paula Morales received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology many years ago, a universe to which, already consolidated as an actress, she now returned thanks to “Oh, my God”, the work she shares with Gastón Ricaud and in the one that gives … Read more

American Psychological Association Honors Filipino Adventist Psychologist for First Time Adventist News

December 1, 2022 | Edward Rodríguez | DSS | Adventist World The American Psychological Association (APA) awarded its Citizen Psychologist Award to professor and researcher Rhalf Jayson F. Guanco, of the Adventist University of the Philippines. Guanco received the award in August 2022 in Minneapolis, United States, according to an announcement from the Society for … Read more

Francisca Vargas, psychologist and mentor: “There is a language of war in personal development, which is harmful”

At the beginning of 2020, the psychologist Francisca Vargas (@franciscavargas_com) received a call from the Planeta publishing house: they invited her to write a book about her personal process, her trips to the East, her liberation, and how she had been encountering her fears , guilt, with love and death. Also, how she had traced … Read more

Marco Bellavia, the psychologist: ‘It was a mistake to let a depressed person into the House “

The case of Marco Bellavia, the former presenter of “Bim Bum Bam” who fled from the house of “Big Brother” after being mocked and bullied by roommates, shows how much society still struggles to understand and sympathize with people with mental disorders. Perhaps, today, in this moment of great crisis, even more than in past … Read more

Javier Urrá | Psychologist “We are not an algorithm”

The psychologist javier ura (Estella, 1957) has recently published the book The human being, a spiritual being (Desclée De Brouwer), in which he highlights the importance of spirituality. “There has to be an answer to where I fit in today’s puzzle of life,” she explains. since it ceased to be Ombudsman for Minors in the … Read more