This is the profession that suits you the most according to your horoscope

Could the horoscope dictate our future work? The experts in astrology assure that the Zodiac sign it plays a fundamental role in personality characteristics, which is why they could make us stand out more in some fields than in others. Choosing the job of our dreams can be related to our birth chart, so if … Read more

Gabriel Ringlet: ‘I would like priests to dress like everyone else, to practice a profession like everyone else’

Priest, chaplain, journalist, professor, theologian, writer… Gabriel Ringlet has already taken many paths. He came out of it, too, to go beyond the beacons. For more than 50 years, he has shared his faith differently. This Saturday again, his Christmas celebration in Louvain-la-Neuve with actor Sam Touzani, ethnic Muslim and atheist, was sold out. Reformist … Read more

A synodal book: “Profession and integral ecology challenge and passion”

Will we change with the pandemic or will we continue the same? This book gives an account of how the pandemic has served as a challenge for professionals who are questioning the experience of their faith in the midst of the world and their professions. Throughout this three-year period, his reflection and action on integral … Read more

Teaching is more than just a profession

By Patricia Londono Guzman * Teaching is a profession that goes beyond physical space, conceptual and methodological elements framed in various disciplines of knowledge; silent, intangible and invisible, it goes beyond the frontiers of the classroom and passes to the dimensions of spirituality, to the collective unconscious that manifests itself in art, when it presents … Read more