Beata Ana María Taigi, y su globo dorado en que vio la historia de los hombres | Gaudium Press Español

Alma sencilla y dócil a los planes divinos, sin dejar de ser una mera ama de casa, fue consejera de nobles y eclesiásticos. Acompañó y profetizó hechos vistos a la luz misma de Dios. Redacción (09/06/2023 10:54, Gaudium Press) Nacida el 29 de mayo de 1769, al día siguiente recibió el nombre de Anna Maria … Read more

Gerard Kleczewski. Banality of evil, fear and truth… Three concepts under the microscope at In Press Éditions

Founded in 1997 by France Perrot, In Press editions publish nearly 60 books each year on psychoanalysis, psychology, personal development, spirituality and health. For more than a quarter of a century, the team at Boulevard de l’Hôpital in Paris has grown and developed, while maintaining a high level of intellectual rigor, which is not incompatible … Read more

May God help us 7, the press conference: plot, cast, speeches

The new episode of the drama is eagerly awaited for Sister Angela’s exit from the scene. The press conference is scheduled for Tuesday 10 January, from 12:00 God help us 7. The fiction is back on the air on Thursday 12 January, in prime time on Rai 1. The new episodes are eagerly awaited due … Read more

Avatar 2, the first comments of the press: “Never bet against James Cameron!” | Cinema

The world premiere of was held in London on Tuesday evening Avatar: the water way, and shortly after the end of the screening, the first comments from critics and the international press appeared online. They are practically all very positive, and although it is better to rely on the reviews (which will arrive on December … Read more

The monastery of Zamora, which has its own printing press: “All the sisters do chain work”

The Zamora Ascension Monastery It may be one of the most peculiar throughout the Spanish geography. It is well known that the sisters who live in these types of places carry out different tasks, and perhaps the most normal thing is that they are dedicated to selling sweets. In this case ECCLESIA has wanted to … Read more

Lucca Comics and Games 2022: Press Cafè with Atsushi Ohkubo, manga creator of Soul Eater and Fire Force

During this fantastic edition of Lucca Comics and Games, Planet Manga he kindly invited us to the maestro’s press conference Atsushi Ohkuboone of the most important guests of this year’s event. Atsushi Ohkubo is the very young mangaka behind two very successful works such as Soul Eater And Fire Force, both series available in Italy … Read more

«Rouhaniyet» in Nafta: An immersion in the impenetrable ways of the divine | The Tunisian Press

Over 4 days, Nafta lives to the rhythm of its festival, “Rouhaniyet” which blows its 6e candle, attracts and seduces. An intense course is built around multiple visits, between intimate concerts, other more popular ones and Maqam of protective saints… In the city of 100 domes, music resounds, life is regenerated and one breathes fresh … Read more

Rouhaniyet 2022: The big comeback! | The Tunisian Press

From 1er on November 4, Nefta opens its arms wide to welcome a passionate audience, music lovers and curious about an ancestral culture deeply rooted in a spirituality that characterizes the entire region of Jerid. Rouhaniyet, this Sufi music festival, is celebrating its 6the candle, and baptizes this edition “Houyem”. Rouhaniyet Nafta is a Festival … Read more

“Jaou Tunis” | Screening of “We knew that the islands were beautiful”, a new film by Younès Ben Slimane: The dignity of the human soul highlighted through the four elements | The Tunisian Press

©Younès Ben Slimane By Amel Bouslama “We knew they were beautiful, the islands”, production Le Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains-Inside Productions, with the support of the French Institute of Tunisia. This hybrid film mixing documentary and fiction, lasting 20 minutes, is the second beautiful and excellent film by the young Tunisian director, visual artist and … Read more

Grandstand | “Incorruptible of all countries, wake up. The “Fatty Bodies” have plucked you” | The Tunisian Press

By Samira GHANNOUCHI QWho are these “Fatty Bodies”? The “Fatty Bodies” are those who found themselves decanted overnight from slums to palaces, from destitution to opulence, from darkness to light. Is it a magic wand, a hit of a miraculous potion, or quite simply a stroke of luck that propelled them to the zenith? The … Read more