The Catalan matrix of the spirituality of Saint Ignatius de Loyola. The Black Pope at the presentation of the film “The Ignatian Way”

In recent days, the Generalitat de Catalunya presented, first at the Vatican Film Library in Palazzo San Carlo and then at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese, the documentary “The Ignatian Way” by the Catalan director Jordi Roigé. The delegate in Italy of the Government of Catalonia, Luca Bellizzi, the director of the Office … Read more

“Pizzaiolo not by chance”: the presentation of Salvatore De Caro’s book in Bracigliano

Note- This press release was published in full as an external contribution. This content is therefore not an article produced by the editorial staff of SalernoToday On the occasion of the closing of Bracigliano Christmas, the Khorakhané Association, together with the Council of the Associations of the Municipality of Bracigliano, presents the book by Salvatore … Read more

Andria: presentation of the book “Francesco and Federico, two giants in the mirror” on Sunday 8 January at the San Francesco Cloister

As part of the Andria Christmas promoted by the Municipality of Andria – Assessorato alle Radici, the cultural association ArtTurism has organized various initiatives aimed at enhancing the historical, cultural and food and wine heritage of the city of Andria. Among these there is also the presentation of the book “Francesco and Federico, two giants … Read more


LISTEN TO THE ARTICLE Appointment in Caserta tomorrow, Wednesday 21, in the Liccardo hall, with the Pro-Rector Cascetta, the president of the Magliocca Province, the councilor of the Court of Cassation Magi, the art director Magi, the teachers Tisci and Butzbach, the director of the Museum of Capua Solino, and the entrepreneur of Cagnazzo Tourism. … Read more

The beauty of Bahia in the report by the journalist Grillone: ​​the presentation

The beauties of Salvador de Bahia told and collected in the wonderful report “Ax Salvador – Travel notes from the black heart of Brazil”, created by the Reggio journalist Domenico Grillone. The documentary on a state in the north-east of the South American country, Bahia, will be presented on Wednesday … Read more

Ce. Fashion&Food 2023. Presentation of Silvio Parisi’s calendar at the Vanvitelli Department of Political Sciences

Article published on: 20/12/2022 22:38:39 This is the press release issued by the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli: “Professional profile and art, culture and territory, tailoring and high-ranking food and wine, interprets this and much more “Matres et Coqui”, the 2023 edition of Salvio’s calendar Parisi, now in its tenth edition, in the wake of … Read more

Mar del Plata Film Festival: the exciting presentation of “We will be millions” | The displays of affection towards Evo Morales, the intimate club of León Gieco and the party with Bolivian comparsas

From Mar del Plata Every year, the Mar del Plata Film Festival it happens as a celebratory date for cinema in particular and culture in general; enabled for “connoisseurs” -cinephiles, people linked to the industry and production, many and many young people, as can be seen in the long lines and rooms full of functions- … Read more

Padre Pio, in San Giovanni Rotondo the presentation of the film by Abel Ferrara. And a master class from the director

National premiere in Shrine of San Giovanni Rotondo for the movie “Father Pioby Abel Ferrarawith the participation of the director and screenwriter Maurice Braucci. For the first time in its dubbed version, an Italy/Germany co-production, produced by Maze Pictures and Interlinea film. After the presentation in the original language which took place at the 79th … Read more

In Rome the presentation of “THE DREAM OF AMSICORA”

SATURDAY 3 December 2022 at 17:30 at the suggestive headquarters of the prestigious Association of Sardinians ‘Il Gremio’, in Via Ulisse Aldrovandi, 16 in Rome, ‘IL DREAM OF AMSICORA’ will be presented, the second volume of the editorial trilogy “SANDAHLIA” by STEFANO PIRODDI. The event will be moderated by the President of the Gremio, Antonio … Read more

Caserta and province. New ‘Fashion&Food’ calendar: presentation on Saturday in Capua

Also this year my colleague Salvio Parisi has created the Fashion&Food calendar. Twelve shots that portray fashion and food starring chefs, artists, prominent personalities from the world of culture and institutions. Theme: rebirth. The presentation is scheduled for Saturday 3 December, 7 pm, at the Campania Museum of Capua, Via Roma 68. 2023 Fashion&Food calendar … Read more