Shy or resourceful, practicing or more distant, baptized or not yet, registered firm or still undecided, they responded to the pope’s invitation. This Saturday, January 28 afternoon at the house of the diocese of Raismes, a good hundred young people met to experience the first preparatory meeting before the WYD! This meeting built in relaxation … Read more

“Zalmoxis” essay by Mircea Eliade: the immortality of the soul in pre

“The ‘Getae’ survived in Western historiography thanks to the confusion with the ‘Goths’: they had become the mythical ancestors of the Germanic peoples and, later, of the Spaniards.” – Mircea Eliade From Zalmoxis to Genghis Khan by Mircea Eliade Fortuna operates in a mysterious way for us human beings and sometimes such a far-reaching error … Read more