A Canterbury tale, a spiritual portrait of a centuries

Shot just after Colonel Blimp, A Canterbury tale is an exciting film rich in meaning, a unique and unclassifiable work, at the crossroads of many genres, but also of several eras and multiple themes. One of the duo’s greatest successes Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. For a British audience, the name Canterbury has a particular … Read more

PORTRAIT. Sanctuary of Lourdes: in the life of the chaplain Don Maxence

Don Maxence is chaplain of the sanctuary of Lourdes. He recounts his daily life. The Notre-Dame de Lourdes sanctuary could not do without them and pilgrims necessarily cross their path. About thirty chaplains take turns to say mass, the rosaries, confess… If they are omnipresent, their life remains unknown. Don Maxence, 35, arrived a year … Read more

“The Divine Alchemist”, portrait of David Bowie

David Bowie dreamed of impossible worlds (photo: ANSA) 13:44, 18 Apr•ROME APR 18 – “The Divine Alchemist”•ANSA writing (ANSA) – ROME APR 18 – “The Divine Alchemist”, by the Italian journalist Dalila Ascoli, is an unusual biography that explores the path of spirituality and esotericism to address the figure of an unprecedented David Bowie. … Read more

FIFM 2022: “The Cairo Conspiracy”, a vitriolic portrait of the collusion between religion and the state [Interview]

You were born in Sweden to an Egyptian father. The fact of having had one foot in the social fabric here and elsewhere has certainly enriched you with eclectic references. This allows you, as a filmmaker, to have a different look at the contemporary realities of Egypt… Absolutely. This is a very important point to … Read more

The portrait. Tommaso Ragno, the showman’s boom between cinema and stage

Tommaso Ragno, 55 years old, star performer in cinema, theater and TV – Photo by Fabrizio Iozzo There are born showmen who become popular only after years of a prestigious career. This is the case of Tommaso Ragno, 55 years old with charm to spare, a great actor of the Italian theater who is experiencing … Read more

On Netflix, a tender but merciless “family portrait” of Yehudi Menuhin

Violinist Yehudi Menuhin in concert in Venice in 1983. MARCELLO MENCARINI/LEEMAGE/AFP NETFLIX – ON DEMAND – DOCUMENTARY For Albert Einstein, who had heard him play the Concerto of Beethoven in 1930 in Berlin, Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999) was “proof that God exists”. The violinist, born in New York in 1916 to a Jewish family who had … Read more

“The music of the soul, portrait of Eleonora Duse” Friday afternoon in the foyer of the Grandinetti Theater

New cultural event promoted by Ama Calabria for Friday at 6 pm, at the foyer of the Grandinetti Theater, with the participation of the actress Pamela Villoresi accompanied by the pianist Marco Scolastra, who together propose the show The music of the soul portrait of Eleonora Duse among the notes of his time by Maria … Read more

‘The Pope’ by Anthony McCarten arrives with a very human portrait at the Teatre Akadèmia

A fictional but at the same time plausible portrait of the moral and institutional contradictions that the two pontiffs experienced at the time of the abdication of Benedict XVI, is the scenic proposal that the director Guido Torlonia presents with Pope, a work by Anthony McCarten and translated by Jaume Coll Mariné. Led by the … Read more

“Le Charcutier filmmaker”, on France 3: a tender family portrait

Roger Batteault in “Le Charcutier cinéaste”, by Remy Batteault. FRANCE TV FRANCE 3 BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE-COMTÉ – THURSDAY OCTOBER 6 AT 10.50 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY We must both thank France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté for programming The butcher filmmaker (2022) and wondering why the parent company does not think this new documentary by Remy Batteault worthy of national distribution, … Read more