Marc Montijano expone en el CAC Málaga “El lenguaje de los pájaros”/ Últimas Noticias / Homines. Portal de Arte y Cultura

           PUBLICIDAD NOTICIAS | ARTE Y CULTURA Marc Montijano expone en el CAC Málaga El lenguaje de los pájarosEl CAC Málaga presenta por primera vez, la obra inédita El lenguaje de los pájaros (2023), del artista Marc Montijano (Vic, Barcelona, 1978), en la que propone una exploración de la naturaleza profunda del ser humano y su … Read more

‘La Famille de Marie’, a “sulphurous” community under guardianship (1/2) – Swiss Catholic Portal

Like several other new communities, ‘The Family of Mary’ was placed under guardianship by the Vatican in June 2022, for suspicions of psychological and spiritual abuse. A surprisingly discreet approach aimed at a community with “sulphurous” emanations, whose ramifications extend as far as Switzerland and within the Vatican itself. Gebhard Paul Maria Sigl would own … Read more

ChatGPT invents a new religion – Swiss Catholic Portal

American writer Hugh Howey told in April 2023 how he inspired ChatGPT to invent a new religion. The online chatbot returned a very complete answer, with the key “ten commandments”. “Harmonism” has at least two followers. The writer Hugh Howey and his wife have recently identified themselves as followers of the new religion. The latter … Read more

Young people without religion: what spirituality? – Swiss Catholic Portal

Surveys show it: adhering to any religion does not necessarily mean giving up on one’s spiritual life. But what does this spirituality feed on, and how does it relate to and outside of established religions? The point with different specialists. Anne-Sylvie Sprenger, Protestinfo Less than two centuries after Nietzsche, God is said to be dead … Read more

Portal 11/11/22: Meaning, which zodiac sign will impact and rituals

The portal 11/11/22, has arrived, and thousands of believers and lovers of astrology will use this day to manifest and perform multiple rituals to infinity with the purpose of attracting into their lives the positive energies that go from consciousness to the spiritual. The data! This portal, which will begin on November 11, 2022, corresponds … Read more

Benedict XVI and “the theologies of liberation” – Swiss Catholic Portal

As prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), Cardinal Ratzinger has had strained relations with liberation theology. His appreciation of this theology, however, evolved under pressure from Latin American bishops. Jacques Berset, for Used for the first time in Latin America in 1968 by Gustavo Gutiérrez, a Peruvian priest who … Read more

Busca, an information office and a portal for the ecomuseum to come

Last Saturday, December 3, a workshop was held at the headquarters of the Ingenium association, open to all those with ideas for the nascent Busca eco-museum, with the councilors Ezio Donadio and Lucia Rosso present, with Hangar Piemonte and Italia Nostra. We have entered the heart of the study of a plan to bring the … Read more

Catholics and Protestants want to deepen their collaboration – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Council of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Switzerland (EERS) and the Conference of Swiss Bishops (CES) exchanged on fundamental and current questions during a retreat, on November 22 and 23 at the convent of Kappel am Albis, communicates the CES on December 1, 2022. Representatives of the two major churches emphasized their intention to … Read more