Top 10 of the most popular podcasts today on Spotify Ecuador

Although there are many debates about the origin of the podcast and which was the first in history, there is no doubt that the rise of streaming platforms such as Spotify in the new millennium have boosted the popularity of this format. As the word says “podcast”it is an audio product that describes an episodic … Read more

Spotify ranking in Ecuador: top 10 of the most popular podcasts

Podcasts are audio products that are available through files or streaming platforms, such as Spotify and One of its great advantages is that the user can listen to it whenever they want and as many times as they want.. Just as in the new millennium people can keep up with the news from their country … Read more

The Evangelical Popular Mission Defines Spirituality – Protestant Perspectives

The national crossroads of the miss pop of November 11 and 12 had as its theme Living and manifesting the Gospel today in the working class! What spiritual animations for all? A look back at a much-discussed notion during these two days: spirituality. In France, a country strongly influenced by the notion of secularism, it … Read more

San Clemente: entrance to the Coast and to the popular faith


Mundo Marino is the emblem of San Clemente. For years more buses have arrived at the gates of the oceanarium, attached to the simple port of artisanal fishermen, than at the terminal of the first town on the Atlantic Coast. The attraction of the only captive orca in South America created the largest local business … Read more

Seville will host the International Congress of Popular Religiosity in 2024


Manuel LunaCONTINUE Seville Updated:11/07/2022 9:08 p.m. Save Seville will host the International Congress of Popular Religiosity in 2024. This was announced this afternoon by the Archbishop Monsignor José Ángel Saiz Meneses in the inaugural conference of the opening of the brotherhood course at the Cajasol Foundation with the title ‘Pastoral challenges and keys in post-pandemic … Read more

Halloween: a popular and commercial celebration


Originally an Irish holiday, Halloween is now celebrated around the world. Corsica is no exception. Commercial for some, more joyful for others, its growth is real, with young and old alike. Devil horns headband or witch hat, Sabrina’s heart swings. “It’s the very first Halloween we’re throwing for the little one, and we decided to … Read more

Entrapment to popular sovereignty


Drafting trills that penetrated the citizen environment, constant disqualification of the institutional framework, and exercise of the opposition from mythomaniac speeches, managed to crack Colombian democracy and opened space for the left to rise to victory, hope for change that vanishes before the petty robbery that brings with it a political caste that does not … Read more

Golden Bell Tower and Popular Jury Award to “The Scent of Paper Flowers” the film by Emilio Corbari


Ardesio. From Israel, Caserta Vecchia, Milan, Macerata Campania and Gubbio to Ardesio: directors and guests of the third edition of the international film festival “Sacrae Scenae – Ardesio Film Festival” held over the weekend in Ardesio (from 26 to 28 August), they arrived in the upper Val Seriana to attend the festival and the awards … Read more