Lisetta Carmi, photographer, traveller, curious and much more

Stplay loud. Always play. A life that is polyphonic, learning everything, observing without judging, changing without fear, giving meaning to every little thing.Between music, photography and spirituality he has lived five livesas Babaji Herakhan Baba had predicted, the spiritual master whom he had met in India in 1976 and to whom he would devote an … Read more

Metropolis dedicates a monographic program to the photographer Isabel Muñoz

metropolis dedicates a very special monograph to the artist Isabel Muñoz. Isabel Munoz He is one of the figures of Spanish photography. Born in Barcelona in 1951, she lives in Madrid, the city she moved to when she was twenty. To the National Photography Awardwhich he obtained in 2016, and both World Press Photojoined in … Read more

The photographer La Chapelle is back in Milan

Milan – A few months after the closure of the great exhibition at the Mudec in Milan, David La Chapelle returns as a protagonist to the Deodato Gallery with his new exhibition “Poems and Febvers”, curated by Gianni Mercurio, until 17 December. The photographer has reached an artistic maturity that places him among the best … Read more

The new exhibition by photographer Tyler Mitchell from Gagosian

Born in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, Tyler Mitchell says he grew up in a provincial reality, going to school in a predominantly white neighborhood, where racial issues were by no means defeated. What binds it to this land is also its verdant scenery: forests, uncontaminated lakes, long walks on humid land. And right here, during … Read more

Photographer Lea Colombo waltzes with colors and bodies at 3537

Recognized photographer in the fashion world for several years – Givenchy, Vetements –, Lea Colombo is exhibiting at 3537 until November 3. In this Parisian building in the heart of the Marais, we discover a multidisciplinary work going well beyond photography, from his portraits of South African shamans and self-portraits in vibrant tones printed on … Read more

Lisetta Carmi, the photographer who gave voice to the last, died at the age of 98

Lisetta Carmi, trans in Genoa in the 60s Another way of observing the world, of getting closer to reality. Gaze on something different, otherwise neglected and forgotten. Will miss the curious and sensitive gaze of Lisetta Carmi98 years old in February, recent photographer also known for a series of shots by transvestites (at the time, … Read more