The National Youth Network – Protestant Perspectives

According to an INSEE study, known as the “Age pyramid at 1er January 2022”, about a quarter of the French population is under 20 years old. That is to say, in our country, one in four people, or even more, depending on what we want to understand by “young people”. In any case, at the … Read more

The Evangelical Popular Mission Defines Spirituality – Protestant Perspectives

The national crossroads of the miss pop of November 11 and 12 had as its theme Living and manifesting the Gospel today in the working class! What spiritual animations for all? A look back at a much-discussed notion during these two days: spirituality. In France, a country strongly influenced by the notion of secularism, it … Read more

Canada: the Christian religion in decline – Protestant Perspectives

Canada’s religious Christian population is plummeting. This is the finding of the last census carried out in the country. When the population of the Christian Church represented 77.1% of the population in 2001, it represents only 53.3% of the population in 2021, according to data published by Statistics Canada. But this impressive decline is not … Read more

Canada: Theologies Have Evolved – Protestant Perspectives

At the heart of research in practical theology, Université Laval has taken into account the history of the United Churches in Canada in all its complexity. There are constant dialogues between theologians of different tendencies, but this movement has grown over the past forty years to open up reflection with the local Churches, partly made … Read more

Tori and Lokita… and La Cimade – Protestant Perspectives


Tori and Lokita highlights the irreducible nature of human dignity against the ever-increasing apathy of our civilization. The film offered Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne a completely unique award on the Cannes list (special 75th anniversary prize created especially for them by Vincent Lindon’s jury). The Dardenne brothers strike hard once again, who have already spent … Read more

Religion: the particularities of the Armenian Church – Protestant Perspectives


The Armenian Church has certain peculiarities. Indeed, it is divided into two main Churches: the Armenian Apostolic Church, and the Armenian Catholic Church. Regarding the first,the two catholicosates ruling the Armenians are in Echmiadzin in Armenia – chaired by Karekin IIsupreme catholicos of all Armenians – and in Antelias in Lebanon since 1930 – where … Read more

Prayer, a real presence – Protestant Perspectives


Some parishioners come to worship to be nourished by a sermon. Others say they are more sensitive to the rhythm of the liturgy or to the presence of the community. Because prayer, both liturgical and personal, seems to bring them into another dimension, even another state. All being is summoned Praying can indeed concern all … Read more

Scouting still embodies the Church – Protestant Perspectives


Despite its independence and the youth of its leaders, the scout movement is intimately linked to the history and spirituality of the Protestant Churches. Its particular pedagogy has enabled young people who have barely been trained for more than a hundred years to accompany children and adolescents towards their future adult life, by anchoring themselves … Read more

CEAF: current dynamics and perspectives – Protestant Perspectives


After taking a look back at the CEAF’s journey, Majagira Bulgarian, founding president of the Churches of the CEAF, attached to the Protestant Federation of France (FPF) evokes the current dynamics and the prospects which are announced. 1. In the prospects that are opening up at the CEAF, what is the first priority that comes … Read more

Dynamique du marché de la méditation, analyse complète, croissance de l’entreprise, révélation des principaux moteurs, perspectives et opportunités 2029


Un rapport d’étude de premier ordre sur le marché de la méditation a été structuré par des membres d’équipe habiles et expérimentés qui travaillent dur pour réaliser une croissance et un succès absolus dans l’entreprise. Le rapport effectue une étude et une analyse de marché pour fournir des données sur le marché en tenant compte du développement de … Read more