Padre Pepe en Posadas: “Votar a Milei es anticristiano”

El padre José María Pepe Di Paola, referente del Equipo de Sacerdotes para la pastoral en las villas de Caba y el gran Buenos Aires, visitó Misiones el fin de semana y este lunes participó de la presentación del libro “Ser esencial”, del periodista Walter Peña, en la Biblioteca Popular Posadas. El religioso, cercano al … Read more

‘For the Catholic martyrs’, the mass of Pepe Di Paola that united the CGT and UTEP

Before a new anniversary of the last coup d’état against a democratic government, the priest and leader of the Argentine church José “Pepe” Di Paola called this Thursday to cry out “never again, Lord, never again!“. Where the asphalt of Calle 57 ends, one of the entrances to Villa La Cárcova, in the town of … Read more

Who is Fray Pepe, the hermit to whom Pope Francis has prefaced his book

Fray José Luis Guirado is Franciscan and lives in a hermitage lost in Tafí del Valle, in the distant Argentine Tucumán. But everyone knows him as “Fray Pepe”, although he must not be completely withdrawn when Pope Francis himself has prefaced his book From surrender to freedom, recently published by Editorial Gravitaciones. In the prologue, … Read more