The Vatican apologizes to Russia for Pope Francis, the ongoing scandal in the papal state, bishops with reluctance, the couple in crisis.

by SPECOLA | December 16, 2022 The week is ending, Advent is heading towards its last fairs, and we are undergoing a veritable maelstrom of information that promises to launch us into a complicated 2023. The news that fills the media today is that the Secretary of State “sent a statement confirming respect for the … Read more

Heaven and earth cannot remain distant. The lesson of the papal Magisterium

The last three Popes are somewhat different but their action can be traced back to same evangelical matrix. Who looked more to the sky, and who more to the earth. Who has made the conciliar openings progress, some less, and who is trying to develop them to the maximum. Three different Popes, also because – … Read more

The European Youth Pilgrimage, a “clear” test for the papal delegate of a generation “that does not resign”

Cardinal Augusto dos Santos Marto avoids confirming a possible visit by Pope Francis to Santiago de Compostela on the occasion of the Jacobean Year Cardinal António Augusto dos Santos Marto, Pope Francis’s special envoy for the European Youth Pilgrimage 2022, considers these days a “clear signal” that there is a new generation that “brings restlessness” … Read more