Transhumance, olive trees, hypogea and paths in the “long” Ecoweekend

A long Ecoweekend. The “Ponte” di Ognissanti allows more than an excursion outside the city, among the flavors and tastes of autumn. Numerous proposals in Puglia, with the weather so mild as to guarantee an enviable range of offers. Here are the traditional ideas for spending an “extra-large” weekend. It is an Ecoweekend to be … Read more

Ouezzane dresses in white and olive green

In order to promote tourism promotion and the preservation of the historical character of Dar Dmana To improve its attractiveness to its national and international visitors, Ouezzane is the subject of a new operation of embellishment and maintenance of its districts and alleys intra and extra muros. In this sense, city officials and municipal councilors … Read more

The village where landscapes of waters, woods and olive groves blend

Between art and nature, in a place of boundless beauty, there is a small ancient village that has a very special charm. In a setting of luxuriant woods and fresh water sources, this charming village is home to monuments of great value and pretty little churches to visit. And as summer approaches, when the days … Read more