Maduro’s economic model is much older than sanctions and the oil blockade

Maduro’s economic model has not only been economic; It implied, from the beginning, political changes and social conduct, that is, changes in the spirituality of the Chavista masses, in the mass that now serves as the electoral base for Maduro and Madurismo. With Chávez dead, flirting with businessmen and cheating with the cheap dollar, the … Read more

Lack of interest from young people in Morocco threatens artisanal argan oil

First modification: 01/03/2023 – 09:12 Esauria (Morocco) (AFP) – In a cooperative in the southwest of Morocco, a group of women pulp the fruits to produce argan oil, highly appreciated throughout the world, an ancestral knowledge that, despised by the younger generations, could disappear. In the “Marjana” cooperative about 15 km from the port city … Read more

In Morocco, the disaffection of young people threatens artisanal argan oil

On the ground, a group of women from southwestern Morocco pulp fruit to make the famous argan oil, which is highly prized throughout the world, an ancestral know-how which, shunned by the younger generations, could disappear. In the “Marjana” cooperative, about fifteen kilometers from the port city of Essaouira, these craftswomen work under the eyes … Read more

The meaning of the miracle of Khanukkà: from 18 to 26 December the Jewish holiday close to Christmas teaches us the spiritual and psychological qualities of oil

The lighting of a Menorah, during the eight days of Khanukkà, commemorates an ancient miracle, about 2300 years ago, which took place in the great Temple of Jerusalem. When the Temple was reconquered, it was necessary to proceed with the rededication. However, only one cruet of pure oil was found in the Temple bearing the … Read more

Why this oil project is seen as a sin

By Lebo Diseko Global Correspondent for Religion 2 hours ago Photo credit, Getty Images image caption, The Okavango Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As politicians gather to discuss ways to cut carbon emissions, the descendants of southern Africa’s original inhabitants worry about an oil and gas exploration project. Religious leaders have also spoken … Read more

Monte San Giovanni Campano, tomorrow first appointment between historical beauties and oil |

– Saturday 22 October 2022 – 09:35 Culture, spirituality, land and beauty. The #ViviMonte project starts from here, with the first appointment, dedicated to Ciociaria gold, the olive tree, expected for Sunday 23 October. The project promoted by the Municipality of Monte San Giovanni Campano, made possible thanks to the contribution of the Lazio Region, … Read more

CONTERRANEA arrives in Cartoceto for the last leg of the food and wine journey in the land of dop oil

Last stop for Conterraneathe format desired by the Municipalities of the PDO area or Cartoceto, Mombaroccio, Colli al Metauro and Fano and from Pro Loco Cartoceto, Pro Loco Mombaroccio, Pro Loco Serrungarina, Pro Loco Montemaggiore al Metauro And Pro Loco Saltara with the sponsored by the Regional Council – Legislative Assembly of the Marche and … Read more

“Conterranea” was born in the land of the dop oil of Cartoceto: gourmet cuisine, music and stories

FANO – The green gold of the Marche guides the dinner tour in the towns of the dop Cartoceto to discover food and wine, history, art, nature, spirituality and science. IS “Conterranea”. The format, recently presented in Fano, was wanted by the municipalities of the dop area, Cartoceto, Mombaroccio, Colli al Metauro and Fanofrom the … Read more