The Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén rejects the translation of the Bible into Mapuzugun | NoticiasNet

By Claudio Andrade The Mapuzugun translation of the Bible was not well received by the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén, who considered that the initiative could be understood as a new colonial advance towards their culture. The translation project started 3 years ago and was developed by the Remote Translation Office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Chile. … Read more

How the Strawberry Supermoon will affect each zodiac sign | NoticiasNet

The phenomenon will occur this Tuesday, June 14, and it is the first of the three that there will be in the year. How it will affect you according to your zodiac sign. This first summer or winter Moon – in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively – is known as the Strawberry Moon. It … Read more