Five muralists intervened the walls of the neighborhood 10 de Diciembre | ANB :: Bariloche News Agency

Art is a means of expression of the human being. Through music, painting, photography, literature, feelings, emotions, ideas and ways of relating to the world are manifested. “It is the possibility of transforming, with the power of images, the daily life of a neighborhood. Give the 10 de Diciembre neighborhood an identity through a comprehensive … Read more

The neighborhood opera where the living dance with the dead in Benin

Cinema invites us to understand, from another point of view, what we look at from the outside when we travel as tourists. Through the films made in the least visited corners of Africa, we can sneak behind the latticework of a family home, listen to every inflection of a native language and spy on what … Read more

San Cristoforo: Salvo and Maddy’s “Kites” arrive, the theater as a tool to redevelop the neighborhood

CATANIA – The theater returns to San Cristoforo. The theater is back in the historic district of Catania. Because the theater feeds on people, on real life, on new and curious looks. And because San Cristoforo, and the city in general, needs stimuli, fresh energy, stories.A theatrical appointment, the one we will experience in the … Read more

The neighborhood

The neighborhood must grow, more and more, as a stimulus to individual and collective dignities, in favor of life and peaceful coexistence among all people, being capable of the gradual discovery of the other that, clearly, passes through the revelation of oneself; with cooperation and common benefit. The neighbor continues as the … Read more

Defending the culture of detail in neighborhood transformations

That the improvement actions in the communities of the integral transformation program have as a principle the quality of the finishes, the beauty, the culture of detail and the participation of institutions and neighbors, were highlighted Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, first secretary of the Party in the capital, and Reinaldo García Zapata, governor of the … Read more

In Marseille, the HCup and neighborhood football resisted the bullets

MARSEILLE: “For the game, for the passion, for the neighborhood!”: In Marseille, the HCup, an inter-district football tournament, has recovered from the dramatic shooting that ended the event last summer and even grows, celebrating a popular football to which some “pros” come to taste. Friday evening, the La Martine stadium, in the northern districts of … Read more