Monferrato > An evening on Father David Maria Turoldo

Good participation in the evening on Father David Maria Turoldo. Tuesday 22 in Sant’Antonio for Cantiere Speranza. At the introductionand Riccardo Calvo recalled the 30th anniversary of the great’s death theologian, writer, poet, member of the order of the Servants of Mary; and in Casale the Servites worked in Torcello di Rolasco and among them … Read more

Monferrato > Father David Maria Turoldo is remembered.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the passing of Father David Maria Turold. November 22 was the 106th anniversary of his birth. The “Growing up with the Word” cycle of Cantiere Speranza has decided to dedicate a special evening to him Tuesday 6 December at 21 in Sant’Antonio mobilizing two very important and significant … Read more

Monferrato > Shepherd Jelin arrives at the Municipale from Brazil

“Jelin”, the lyrical work of the Alessandrian composer Aldo Brizzi is back – inserted in the Casalese Christmas December, author (with the collaboration of Bruno Masi) also of the libretto for which he was inspired by the Gelindo of the Capuchin friars of Alessandria, also loved so much by Umberto Eco. However, changing the names … Read more

Ecomuseum Basso Monferrato Astigiano: the journey of “The Magnificent Machine” continues

With the Magnificent Machine, l‘Ecomuseum Basso Monferrato Astigiano offers an unprecedented tour and traveling show by bus to discover its territory, in the company of artists. The project is carried out with the contribution of the Piedmont Region in collaboration with the Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation, the Piedmont Ecomuseum Network, the Ecomuseum Laboratory, Museum Subscription … Read more