Dax: the Dominicans open the doors of their monastery this weekend

“Of course society is going through serious crises. But hope prevails: there will definitely be a spring,” recalls Sister Marie in the cloister of the monastery, on the morning of this Wednesday, November 23. Installed near two cypresses and a palm tree, “the bell wakes everyone up at 6 o’clock,” says Sister Merete. Prioress of … Read more

“Festivalis et noli contristari”: a review of music and words at the monastery of San Biagio Mondovì

At Monastery Benedictine of San Biagiothanks to the contribution of Piemonte region, a series of events and activities of a cultural and aggregative nature will take place, with the aim of making the monastery known to the territory and allowing the territory to access cultural initiatives that normally take place in large cities. The title … Read more

SOCIETY / The Novena to Santa Gertrudis has already begun in the Monastery of San Clemente in Seville

Until November 23, the novena to the Cistercian Saint Gertrude de Helfta, also known as La Magna, takes place at the Royal Monastery of San Clemente. This Cistercian nun lived in Germany in the second half of the 13th century and it was three centuries later when, after the publication of some of her writings, … Read more

The monastery of Zamora, which has its own printing press: “All the sisters do chain work”


The Zamora Ascension Monastery It may be one of the most peculiar throughout the Spanish geography. It is well known that the sisters who live in these types of places carry out different tasks, and perhaps the most normal thing is that they are dedicated to selling sweets. In this case ECCLESIA has wanted to … Read more

The commemoration of the 550th anniversary of the foundation of the Monastery of Santa Isabel begins in Valladolid


VALLADOLID, Nov. 14 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Poor Clares of Santa Isabel commemorate the 550th anniversary of the foundation of the Valladolid monastery with a program that begins this Monday, at 8:15 p.m., with a presentation by the priest, researcher of Art History and coordinator of the event, Guillermo Camino. In addition to Guillermo, Sister … Read more

Las Puras Monastery, a convent that takes you back in time


The historic Monastery of Las Puras opens its doors to the public, with guided tours to admire one of the best preserved convents in Spain, with five hundred years of uninterrupted presence in Almería, and share its spirituality. Do you want to see a convent where time has stopped? In the city of Almería, the … Read more

Monastery of San Biagio lives again as the seat of “Casa do menor Italia”


A two-day event that, despite the somewhat inclement weather, saw the Monastery of San Biagio in Mondovì relive, at the moment of the inauguration, in this site of great historical, religious and artistic value, of the new headquarters of the Association ” Casa do menor Italia “Onlus NGO, made up of volunteers who support the … Read more

Bernaga Monastery: happy anniversary


An anniversary – as it happens for various birthdays or anniversaries – can be an occasion for new acquaintances and reminders of unexpected, unexpected affections. So it is perhaps for the sixtieth anniversary celebrated with joy by the small group of Romite Nuns in a little-known monastery, rooted in an ancient history and set in … Read more