Poor Miskina (Season 1, 8 episodes): bland cultural adventure – Series and film reviews, news – Breaking News, it’s overflowing with gossip

Melha Bedia, whom Amazon Prime Video viewers already know for her role in the very bad film Forte, co-created, co-directed and played the heroine of Miskina, a semi-autobiographical series. A real success of Prime Video (number one on the platform), Miskina still has flaws. A bit like all the roles of Melha Bedia. The actress … Read more

Poor Miskina: “offbeat romantic comedy”, “original and endearing”… the Prime Video series acclaimed by the press

Available since Friday on Prime Video, the series “Miskina, the poor” imagined by Melha Bedia won over the press, which particularly underlined its originality. What is it about ? Miskina is the story of Fara, 30 years old. Without an apartment, without a job, without a guy, but with strong myopia. When your grandmother, your … Read more

With “Miskina, the poor”, the humorist Melha Bedia does she succeed in entering the world of the series?

Identity, love, spirituality: the series of the endearing thirty-year-old comedian goes wide… at the risk of missing its target. Since his show Fat and Furious, released in 2017, Melha Bedia has established herself as a humor boss in France. Former protege of Diam’s – who pushed her to go on stage – and younger sister … Read more