The homily of Sant’Ilario by Don Michele Guerra (by Andrea Marsiletti)

After the unmissable jokes in dialect that should express “the authenticity of parmesan”, the tender children’s choir, the parade along the corridor of the Regio of the nomenclature of the city, the self-referential rhetoric felt and resented to the point of exhaustion, the celebration of Sant’Ilario enters its climax: the mayor of Parma takes the … Read more

Nativity, religion and spirituality. INTERVIEW with Mayor Michele Guerra: “Parma’s many Christmases under the tree in Piazza Garibaldi”

Michele Guerra, mayor of Parma Mayor, what is Christmas for you? For me, Christmas is something connected to childhood memories, to parties in the house where my parents live today when all my grandparents and relatives were still around me. Mine was a small family which, however, in those days found itself together with enormous … Read more

In Capodimonte the awarding of the winners of the X Edition of the Cardinal Michele Giordano Prize

Today Saturday 24 September 2022 in Naples, with the blessing of Pope Francis, Cardinal Michele Giordano will be solemnly remembered – Sicut flumen pax tua (the title of his first pastoral letter to the Church in Naples, which he published on Palm Sunday in 1988, as well as being the motto of his episcopal coat … Read more

San Michele: in the places and times of change | Chronicles Salerno

A place of high spirituality is the cave dedicated to the archangel in Olevano sul Tusciano, among the faithful in procession, brigands and Lucifer evicted with a kick By Aristide Fiore The Grotta di S. Michele Arcangelo, in Olevano sul Tusciano is a highly symbolic place, where ancient and contemporary paths cross which enrich its … Read more

The statue of San Michele returns to its former glory, the celebrations in Grottaminarda

On Sunday 25 September 2022, after a three-year restoration, the statue of St. Michael the Archangel will be returned to the community of Grottaminarda. The restoration, followed by the Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore, in the person of Don Rosario Paoletti, and by the Rotary Community Corps Avellino Est, chaired by Sonia … Read more

On Monte San Michele on stage the ‘Little Resurrection Song’

Nature as a place of spiritual and personal regeneration will be at the center of the Teatri dell’Anima 2022 festival, now in its ninth edition this year. After the months closed at home, also due to the pandemic, summer 2022 will be all to be experienced in the open air, regaining possession of one’s own … Read more


Share LETTER FROM THE “DARE TO RETURN” COMMITTEE Dear Valsusa Today,I am attaching the letter that fellow citizen Mauro Galliano (toy shop via Umberto I, Sant’Ambrogio) wrote on the occasion of the “Battaglia delle Chiuse” event. With Mauro and other friends of our town, we formed the “Dare to go back” Committee, with the aim … Read more