Michel Lonsdale: “He always lived with God, with Love”

To pay tribute to Michel Lonsdale (1931-2020), a great Franco-British actor and honorary president of the Diakonia of Beautywe are publishing – two years after his death – a text by Anne Facérias, his friend and director of the Diaconie de la Beauté. As honorary president, Michel Lonsdale made the pilgrimage to Rome in 2018 … Read more

Order of the Solar Temple: who is Michel Tabachnik, the conductor caught in the turmoil of the sect?

Accused of having made part of the direction of the sect the Order of the Solar Temple, involved in the death of 74 of its members, find out who is the conductor Michel Tabachnik. The “Voices of Crime” podcast has brought up a very morbid case. It was Alain Vuarnet who decided to put this … Read more