The master’s voice at the cinema: November 28

Ideally accompanying the spectators on this journey into the sound world (but not only) of the great author is Stefano Senardi, one of the best known Italian record producers, author of the film together with the director, as well as a friend of Franco Battiato. The film begins with Pino “Pinaxa” Pischetola, the historic sound … Read more

Franco Battiato: the magic of The Master’s Voice at the cinema, the perfect pop album

After the presentation at the Taormina Film Fest 2022, the film-event Franco Battiato – The Master’s Voice arrives in theaters from November 28 to December 4. Directed by Marco Spagnoli and produced by RS Productions and ITsART, the docufilm is a physical and emotional journey, from Milan to Milo, in Franco Battiato’s house, during which … Read more

Toulouse. Grand masters, obediences… Two days to learn all about Freemasonry


By Toulouse editorial staff Published on 23 Nov 22 at 8:20 Toulouse news See my news Follow this media François Boucq will be one of the guests of the Masonic Salon in Toulouse, Saturday November 26 and Sunday November 27, 2022. (©DR) The 7e edition of the Masonic Salon of Toulouse will be held on … Read more

How Jeff Bridges Masters This Series FX | Pretty Reel


Despite an easy path to Hollywood, guided by his Lloyd family and Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges paved the way to fame through natural talent. Coached by his father and brother, Bridges developed skills that landed him all sorts of roles. As Alex Pappedemas of Men’s Health comments, Bridges played “cowboys and country singers, good men … Read more