Écologie, éthique, gouvernance… Des managers en quête de sens

Sous la pression, de nombreux salariés refusent aujourd’hui de prendre des fonctions d’encadrement. Un défi pour les entreprises, qui cherchent à renouveler les méthodes de travail de leurs managers, pour leur donner plus de sens. Les cadres sont ressortis essorés de la crise. Et cela se ressent sur leur santé : 43 % des managers … Read more

Trento dresses in orange for the arrival of Nobel laureates, economists, managers and ministers

Among the protagonists of the third day Franco Bernabis, president of Acciaierie d’Italia, Luigi Ferraris, CEO of the FS Italian Group, Vera Fioranimanaging director and general manager of the Italian Railway Network, Maria Cecilia Guerraundersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Luciano FloridiUniversity of Oxford and University of Bologna, Andrea PontremoliCEO & General Manager … Read more

Leaders, managers, entrepreneurs: let’s dare spirituality at work!

The current crisis is not only economic or health; it is more profoundly existential. We, leaders, managers, like our employees, too often act according to performance conditioning and suffer more and more from being disconnected from reality, cut off from the essential. We see that materialism, consumerism, the financialization of the world are proving unfit … Read more