Maite Peñoñori arremetió contra Yuyito González por ningunearla en vivo: “Sigan colgándose de LAM”

Maite Peñoñori arremetió contra Amalia “Yuyito” González por ningunearla en vivo luego de analizar las críticas que le hicieron en LAM (América TV) por su entrevista a Javier Milei. La periodista citó en X una nota de Ciudad Magazine titulada “Inesperado cruce: Yuyito González apuró en vivo a Maite Peñoñori por haberla criticado”, y le … Read more

Claudia Martín reacted to the pregnancy of Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar with an unexpected response

Claudia Martín never confirmed having been the victim of infidelity and both Andrés Tovar and Maite Perroni denied the accusations against them. (Instagram/@claudia3martin/@maiteperroni) The story of Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar It has been characterized by being full of scandals ranging from accusations against him for alleged infidelity and their hasty wedding until her newly … Read more

Claudia Martín launched a mysterious message after confirming Maite Perroni’s pregnancy

Claudia Martín shared a message about leaving the past, shortly after Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar (Instagram/@claudia3martin/@maiteperroni) After Maite Perroni Y Andres Tovar confirmed that they expect a baby, Claudia Martin shared on their social media message that some users related to the news of the pregnancy. Maite Perroni is pregnant: she is expecting her … Read more