Interview with Lorenzo Poli: “I seek to capture the magic of a universe that lies between the sacred and the magical”

Lorenzo Polian internationally renowned landscape photographer, was the winner of the Sony World Photography Awards 2022 category Professional > Landscape with its series life on earth. This fall, he recently exhibited another work, Ode to Nature, at Pool NYC, Milan – in collaboration with Eye-V Gallery, from September 20 to October 22, 2022. He celebrates … Read more

National movements of the Crimean Tatars rethought through magical realism

Cover of “Ak Bure. Crimeo-Tatar Saga ”, Blitz publishing house. Author Renat Bekkin As part of the recent clash between Russia and Ukraine, i Crimean Tatars [en, come tutti i link successivi, salvo diversa indicazione] they are often ignored by the international media, as if the facts of eight years ago were completely disconnected from … Read more

Medina of Fez, the magical labyrinth in which getting lost is a pleasure

The city of Fez, considered the cultural and religious center of the country, has its genesis in a mysterious and immense medina founded by Idris I in the year 789, which is also called Fez-El Bali. This labyrinth overflowing with life and color, exudes spirituality and tradition in every corner, offers a human and architectural … Read more

September lunar calendar: 5 magical activities to invite good luck into your life!

That magical moment is almost here! But what exactly are we talking about? Well, a new month that opens the door to a whole new season! And with it comes the influence of the moon, which caresses the vibrations of the earth and fills us with its powerful energy. In fact, it is not necessary … Read more

Savio Trail, at Lake Quarto a magical San Lorenzo for the “night of desires”

To celebrate the night of San Lorenzo, Wednesday 10 August for the first time a special event to discover the beauty and magic of Lake Quarto, when the stars fall, wishes come true and nature becomes the protagonist. The evening, organized in the equipped area on the bank of the lake by … Read more

Patti Smith in Santa Maria di Campagna: spirituality and energy enveloped the audience in a magical atmosphere

It could only be the “priestess of rock” who sealed the first three, very intense, months of initiatives promoted by the Franciscan Community and the Piacenza Bank to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Santa Maria di Campagna. And Patty Smith did it in the best possible way, giving Piacenza, with the show “An evening of … Read more