Voisin du Lot, Jacques Delors : une vie de foi, au quotidien…

Par Marie-Cécile Itier Publié le 21 Jan 24 à 6:56   Voir mon actu Suivre Actu Lot « Dans la vie d’un chrétien, Pâques est l’événement le plus extraordinaire », répondait-il en 1984, au journaliste Michel Cool. Il était alors ministre de l’Économie et des Finances de François Mitterrand. Ajoutant : « La résurrection du Christ, la victoire de la vie … Read more

“With Louis Pasteur, we discover that ‘a lot of science’ leads back to God”

“A little science leads away from God; a lot of science goes back to that. » Francis Bacon, English philosopher of the Renaissance, is at the origin of this thought (1) enigmatic by its simplicity and its symmetry. On December 27, we will celebrate the bicentenary of the birth, in 1822, of Louis Pasteur, who … Read more

Brad Pitt & Damien Chazelle On Filming ‘Babylon’s Craziest Scenes’: ‘A Lot Of Nudity’

BabylonDamien Chazelle’s star-studded exploration of 1920s Hollywood depravity and excess, had its world premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday alongside stars Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Diego Calva. Chazelle first came up with the concept, which focuses on the era of the transition from silent films to talkies 15 years ago when he first moved … Read more

Lot. Concerts de Noël, avec La Soubirane, entre sacré et tradition

Par Rédaction Cahors Publié le 27 Nov 22 à 17:00  Actu Lot Voir mon actu Suivre ce média Le trio vocal féminin « La Soubirane » fait la tournée des églises du Lot du 2 au 18 décembre, pour présenter des chants de Noël. (©DR ) À la vibrante magie du chant traditionnel polyphonique, né d’une harmonie … Read more

Is Lot

the essential A pioneer of local participatory democracy, Jo Spiegel was invited by the departmental council at Temple-sur-Lot to give a conference on the theme “We have decided to decide together”. “Power is born when people work together. It disappears when they disperse”. As with each of his interventions, Joe Spiegel quotes the political scientist … Read more


the essential This Sunday, November 20, the Raconteurs de Pays du Lot-et-Garonne invite lovers of heritage and music to the second edition of their “cultural tour”, called “The song of the frescoes of the Lot valley”, through the municipalities of Casseneuil, Bias and Pujols. “That day, I was happy as hell” remembers Gérard Fillol, president … Read more

3 great spiritual leaders with a lot of influence today

Last update: 20 October, 2017 We live in a time somewhat desert, where the great spiritual leaders have been disappearing. There were times when particularly evolved people were a reference to find lights that hinted the way. His presence and his word had great relevance. They were listened to and partly admired. Today several of … Read more

Cabinet Of Curiosities: Lot 36 Casting & Character Guide | Pretty Reel

The first episode of Netflix horror series Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, “Lot 36,” features well-known names among its cast and an intriguing roster of characters. The eight-episode anthology series features contributions from a wide range of creators, writers, and directors, with each episode being a stand-alone, stand-alone horror story with its own distinct … Read more

A small selection of outing ideas across the Lot

To give food for thought, while promising an offbeat and funny moment, this is what awaits the spectators, this Thursday, at 8 p.m., at the Clément-Marot congress area, in Cahors with “It was better tomorrow”. In this conference-show, the Mungo Company relies on an investigation work on floods and floods, carried out in the Tarn … Read more