Carmen Machi, Lola Dueñas y Ana Rujas, protagonistas de ‘La Mesías’ de Los Javis, confiesan su vínculo con la religión desde que eran niñas

Hoy, 11 de octubre, llegan a Movistar Plus+ los primeros dos episodios de ‘La Mesías’, la esperada nueva serie escrita y dirigida por Javier Calvo y Javier Ambrossi. Después de éxitos como ‘La Llamada’, ‘Paquita Salas’ y ‘Veneno’, la pareja de creadores, tal y como han admitido, se ha enfrentado al proyecto “más ambicioso, reposado … Read more

Lola Indigo: her real name, her relationship with Lali Esposito and when Don Patricio cheated on her

Mary AlbertCONTINUE Updated:04/18/2023 7:04 p.m. Keep Who was going to say that, after becoming the first contestant eliminated from ‘Operación Triunfo 2017’, Miriam Doblas Muñozalso known as mimi, would end up becoming the international artist that she is today. Despite the fact that her participation in the musical reality did not last long, the singer … Read more

[Tribune] Along the water – What is at work in the assassination of Lola: France in the midst of a spiritual vacuum

There is always something that prevents French society from debating crucial issues in depth. Laziness, emotional dripping, embarrassment, fear, cowardice, and so many others. In the case of the assassination of Lola, it is the political recovery. The confrontation between the researchers of responsibility is all the more indecent, as it has also deprived Lola’s … Read more

The spirit of Alphonse Allais crowns Claude Lelouch, Lola Sémonin, Anny Duperey and Richard Fussner

Filmmaker Claude Lelouch, novelist Lola Sémonin, actress Anny Duperey and oenologist Richard Fussner were crowned by the Alphonse Allais Academy in 2022. Alphonse Allais Academy WE WERE THERE – The Academy dedicated to humour, represented by its chancellor Xavier Jaillard and its “prefect of morals” François Rollin, presented the Jules Renard, René de Obaldia and, … Read more

Maluma, C. Tangana, Lola Índigo… What are the real names of your favorite artists?

THE NAME OF YOUR DNI A list of pretty words, a photo of a child or a breed of dog have given names to some of the most listened to singers. In their official documentation, their names and surnames have nothing to do with it and here we reveal the secret of their names. Luis … Read more