Cristianxs LGBTIQ+: “With the will that fear does not prevent us from putting our light on the table”

After this obligatory break, we were able to meet again at the Franciscan House of Spirituality in our ‘Chipiona Meeting’ with the intention of taking great care of the playful aspect, coexistence and mutual enrichment, and the training activities We were able to reflect on feminism and the challenge for churches to integrate half of … Read more

The double discrimination faced by LGBTIQ+ indigenous people

“Speaking of sexual diversity in the territories is difficult. Indigenous communities are deeply rooted in our culture, which does not accept gays, lesbians, trans or anyone who does not identify as male or female. These people are often forced to marry or expelled from the clans and reservations.” (Also read: The wounds that the armed … Read more

Cruces de arcoíris: el cristianismo LGBTIQ+ que resiste en América Latina y el Caribe

El pastor David de Jesús Pascual creció influenciado por los valores de la Iglesia Pentecostal del barrio de Tigre, en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Su fe y espiritualidad le “hacían bien a la psiquis”, al menos hasta que cumplió 19 años. A partir de entonces, su homosexualidad comenzó a atormentarlo.  “Me recuerdo arrodillado, llorando, pidiéndole a … Read more

LGBTIQ+ Pride Day: Who are non

June 28 is the International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, intersex, queer); however, this Sunday the 26th, members of the community march through the streets of San José to celebrate diversity. Within the same population, there are non-binary people, who do not fully identify as men or women, that is, who … Read more