Edad, altura y signo zodiacal espiritual de los personajes de Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda cuenta con un amplio elenco de personajes que tienen cualidades definitorias que los hacen parecer más realistas que otros personajes. Con tantas entregas de la franquicia Zelda, los fans se han dado cuenta de que cada uno de los personajes tiene una historia de fondo y unos rasgos físicos que les … Read more

The “black” legend of the Templars: here’s the real story

That of the Templars it is one of the few stories of the medieval world so penetrating in the collective feeling of public opinion as to become a myth, even seven centuries after the dismantling of the most famous chivalric order of the era of the Crusades. Many legends, controversial stories and even lies transformed … Read more

San Nicolás de Mira, the ‘original’ version of Santa Claus, a reality that surpasses the legend

Did Santa Claus exist? Sooner or later, every child asks this question. And you have to answer it well. Writing (06/12/2022 10:44, Gaudium Press) Did Santa Claus exist? Sooner or later, every child asks this question. Y you have to answer it well; but Parents can easily respond to their children by telling them the … Read more

Serena Williams: the farewell of a woman more than a tennis legend

Serena Williams with the Wimbledon trophy. LaPresse The mistake is always the same. Normalize the exceptional, trivialize, get used to, limit oneself to appearance. “With that body and extraordinary strength, no tennis player can compete with Serena Williams“. A result often already written at the start to the point of being almost boring, for those … Read more

Merlin the Wizard, legend and spiritual figure

This article was published in the magazine #37 November-December 2021To find the list of points of sale is here For several years, the words “magic” and “consciousness” have experienced a resurgence in popularity. However, they are often perceived as antagonists, one falling within a vague esoteric vagueness, the other relating to a domain that is … Read more