Russia toughens laws against ‘gay propaganda’

Session of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, in Moscow, Wednesday, November 23, 2022. PA The Russian Parliament definitively adopted, on Thursday 24 November, a law prohibiting the “propaganda” of the “non-traditional sex” – or homosexual relations, but also pedophilia and sex change, which nevertheless remains authorized in Russia. The previous law, … Read more

Laws and broadcasts that unbalance the balance of social needs

The Spanish Parliament has lately approved -or will approve- a series of debatable and controversial laws, proposed by the government. I am referring to topics on animal abuse, abortion, sex education, LGBT, euthanasia, etc. And that’s not to mention the increase in the budget for military expenses and the Army and the escalation of arms … Read more

Constituent advisor: proposal for indigenous laws is more similar to Switzerland than to Bolivia


What does it mean that the new Constitution turned Chile into a multinational and ecological State? DW spoke, in Europe, with an activist of Mapuche origin and with the legal advisor of a conventional Kawésqar. “On the maternal side I am Mapuche. For us it is very important to recognize that the State can act … Read more

Israeli influencers paid to tout Jewish family purity laws

The daughter of a Russian diamond billionaire has paid tens of thousands of shekels to secular Israeli social media stars to tout Jewish ritual purity laws related to menstruation, celebrity journalist Guy Pines reported Tuesday. The Channel 12 reporter said he began his investigation after seeing a video clip on social media in which former … Read more