The Kingdom Exodus Movie Review (2022) | Pretty Reel

Of course, it’s like another television phenomenon. Von Trier admitted that “The Kingdom” was inspired by “Twin Peaks,” and one has to wonder if “Exodus” would exist without the creative success of 2017’s “Twin Peaks: The Return.” Revisited characters and distorted imagery from his landmark series, Von Trier returns to some of the same characters … Read more

Carlos III, the King “defender of the faith” in an increasingly Muslim United Kingdom

In a hushed atmosphere, a dozen Muslims of all ages waited to sign a book of condolences for the Queen isabel II during a interdenominational ceremony organized in the great mosque Baitul Futuhin the south of London. “I am a first generation Muslim in this country” and “here we can practice our faith under the … Read more

King Charles III: Friend of the Jews of the United Kingdom, with historical ties to Israel

Charles III, the 73-year-old monarch who succeeded Queen Elizabeth II after her death, is the oldest person to hold the British throne. As well as bolstering his reputation with Israel in recent years, Carlos has long enjoyed a positive connection with British Jewry. After all, the UK ruled the Jewish state from 1920 to 1948, … Read more

United Kingdom: The crown jewels, key elements of the ceremony

PublishedSeptember 10, 2022, 10:40 am UK: The crown jewels, key elements of the ceremony From the imperial ceremonial crown to that of Saint Edward, the crown jewels will be used throughout the coronation ceremony of Charles III. The imperial ceremonial, or state, crown was worn by Elizabeth II following her coronation. The late Queen also … Read more

From knight of the kingdom of Navarre to knight of Christ

Reading the lives of the saints during the convalescence following the siege of Pamplona, ​​Saint Ignatius of Loyola put his thoughts in order and discovered a knighthood higher than the earthly one, eventually taking the flag for Christ by Michele Brambilla Pope Francis places at the center ofcourt hearing on 7 September a pivotal episode … Read more

Tibet, once upon a time there was an ancient kingdom

Spirituality, mysterious mountains and breathtaking views: the Tibet, the autonomous region of Asia nestled in the northern part of the Himalayas, is all this and more. It is the ideal destination for a different journey than usual, a unique opportunity to rediscover yourself among the beauty of unspoiled nature and the silence of Buddhist monasteries. … Read more

China the Middle Kingdom | Society | Magazine

It is what the name of the legendary nation means. Vestige of the unification of China undertaken by the Qin kingdom that progressively conquered six of its neighbors, creating its territorial core around the 3rd century BC. c. The First Emperor Shi Huang he would leave behind the fabulous 1,500-mile Great Wall, built on the … Read more