Renovation works begin in the San Joaquín and Santa Ana de Caaguazú churches

Photo: SNC Asunción, IP Agency.- Yesterday, in the temple of the city of San Joaquín in the department of Caaguazú, the act was signed for the start of works to enhance the San Joaquín and Santa Ana Church, a Jesuit legacy in Paraguay, carried out by the National Secretariat of Culture (SNC). The enhancement contemplates … Read more

Joaquín Sabina announces tour for 2023

David Lepe [email protected] Photo: Courtesy Netflix Being an ambassador of a metal genre song is an unusual mission, almost messianic. The shrill sounds of distorted guitars and powerful drums, accompanied by screams that carry dark messages, are not for everyone. Recently the series stranger things managed to give us one of the best gifts in … Read more

The writer Joaquín Pérez Azaústre portrays the soul of Manolete in 38 shots

To show the most intimate portrait of manoletethe essence of the character, the soul of the bullfighter. That is the exercise that, divided into 38 shots accompanied by as many historical photographs of the right-hander, has been carried out by Diario CÓRDOBA with the help of the renowned writer and columnist Joaquin Perez Azaustre to … Read more

“The hole in the fence”: Joaquín del Paso’s film reaches national theaters

In an age of political correctness, for the director Joaquin del Paso it is important to talk about the problem from the root: the values ​​that adults transmit to children, not only parents, but teachers and people who are in charge of their education. This is what he wanted to show in the film “The … Read more