“El hilo invisible”, de la escritora colombiana Olga Lucía Gaviria, será adaptado a formato audiovisual

El hilo invisible La cineasta colombiana Olga Lucía Gaviria Ángel confirmó la venta de los derechos de su más reciente publicación, El hilo invisible, a una productora con base en México y Miami interesada en adaptar la novela al formato audiovisual. Por el momento, según le confirmó la propia autora en conversación con Infobae Leamos, … Read more

Art, spirituality and communion: this is the Observatory of the Invisible

Dawn in the Monastery of Guadalupe (Cáceres). From the very first hour, a mixture of contemplative silence, almost reverential, and an impatient ecstasy to see and experience everything that is going to take place inside a sanctuary that has almost ten centuries of history, can be appreciated. A young woman runs through the cloister, cello … Read more

The physics of the invisible

«Can the human being be understood as an entity in continuum with the reality he perceives, where the physical body, emotions, thoughts and the environment are equally influenced by the Consciousness that experiences them?»: if so asks Alessandra Martignoni, co-author of the book “Psychosophy. A bridge between psychology and spirituality” which proposes a new paradigm … Read more

Talk to me Inside, a letter to reach the invisible in prisons

A bridge of words to reach the many invisible prisoners in the prisons of Emilia Romagna, opening a passage into often radical, inaccessible solitudes. Words are a great power. Combined with intentions, words can reverse the order of the world, opening up a smile even in the dark. It is from this idea that Parlami … Read more

“Brideshead Revisited”, a novel that shows the invisible action of Providence and grace

Return to Brideshead [Brideshead revisited] is the most famous novel Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966), writer converted to Catholicism and also author of a biography of the martyr Saint Edmund Campion. Following the celebrated 1981 television series and the film he directed Julian Jarrold in 2008 (with a relevant role of emma thompson), a new version for … Read more

The attraction of the invisible

The day of the Lord continues its summer program “Contemplate and act” with the documentary The attraction of the invisible, in which the greatest researchers, astronomers and astronauts who have had the dizzying experience of space wonder about the origin and mysteries of the Universe. With dazzling images of interstellar space, this film offers us … Read more

The invisible (and indispensable) sources of entrepreneurship

Posted on August 16, 2022 – HAS + By Michael Miller. Entrepreneurship is a hot topic these days. There are social, intellectual, educational entrepreneurs, and even “intrapreneurs” (entrepreneurs within their own companies). Entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have been made model citizens. Magazines such asEntrepreneur and Fast Company constantly value … Read more

The Observatory of the Invisible: a school of art and spirituality

The Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe, in Cáceres, is relevant for its history and its architecture; it combines the Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical styles. This 14th century monastery, which began to be built by order of Alfonso XI, received Saint Teresa of Jesusto Saint Pedro de Alcántara, to Saint Vicente Ferrer, … Read more