“Reading made me nauseous”: an internal investigation describes “systemic” sexual violence within the religious community of Saint

A report on sexual assault within the religious community of the Brothers of Saint John highlights the central role played by its founder, Father Marie-Dominique Philippe and denounces the “systemic dimension” of the assaults. Article written by Posted on 06/27/2023 11:12 Reading time : 1 min. A crucifix on the altar of a church. Illustrative … Read more

Former Archbishop of Paris under investigation for sexual assault

PARIS: A preliminary investigation was opened in early December for sexual assault on a vulnerable person after a report from the diocese of Paris on the former archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit, while the Catholic Church has been shaken for several years by cases of sexual violence . The investigations were entrusted to the Brigade … Read more

Books: An Angel Investigation Rises in Bestsellers

Essays, novels, biographies… Find the ranking of best-selling books from December 26 to 30 in La Procure bookstores. A selection of inspiring readings from books published over the past four months. Do you know that Aleteia lives only thanks to the generosity of its readers? I GIVE Aleteia really needs you 1A LONG ROAD TO … Read more

Tell Naples: in the dialogue between Peppe Barra and Conchita Sannino an investigation into the city

A multifaceted artist who has gone through several seasons of Naples, changing yet remaining true to himself; a man who stayed even though he might have many reasons to go; a person who has weathered the setbacks of life. Maybe too simplistic to describe a personality like Pepe Barra but an attempt had to be … Read more

They have a storefront in the Yvelines: investigation into well

By Renaud Vilafranca Published on 7 Nov 22 at 19:32 78news See my news Follow this media Charlotte, from Clayes-sous-Bois (Yvelines), is a well-being masseuse: “Treating a cold with plants, why not, cancer, certainly not! » (©Renaud Vilafranca) Doctolib has done a lot of cleaning! Naturopaths, acupuncturists, sophrologists, hypnotherapists… 5,700 practitioners must leave the platform … Read more

We tested… “Immortality”, an investigation at the heart of cinema

The grain of the image and the light that changes from one sequence to another allow the player of “Immortality” to immediately understand which film he is in. HALF MERMAID British video game designer Sam Barlow is one of those few names whose paw has become impossible to discern. In 2009, he offers a very … Read more