An artificial intelligence wrote part of this editorial.

With more than 130 million copies worldwide, “The Legend of Zelda” video game saga has left an indelible mark, becoming one of the most successful and recognized franchises of all time. Since its birth 37 years ago by Nintendo, this franchise has captivated millions of players around the world. Now, with their latest installment “The … Read more

The nun in love with Jesus who faces Artificial Intelligence: total war on clichés

Mrs Davies is a 8 episode teleseries Peacock (HBO in Spain), starring a nun at war against an Artificial Intelligencea story that mixes science fiction, comedy, drama (dramedia?) and intrigue in a risky but addictive way, and develops correct religious intuitions in an inspiring way, although it skids theologically in some solutions at the end. … Read more

GPT Chat: artificial intelligence “meditates” and is vegetarian

What will be the next leap in communication technologies? Many will answer that the metaverse, where we will share virtual reality and augmented reality spaces. Others will say that the web3, the new internet based on blockchain technology that will allow the decentralization of the economy and the production of content. Artificial intelligence applications are … Read more

“In the bubble”, a Netflix film to laugh at the pandemic with intelligence

Sti can tell the pandemic in a comic way? The answer is yes. To do it is In the bubbledirected and produced by Judd Apatow available on Netflix starting today April 1st. Two hours in which we plunge back into March 2020, at the beginning of the health emergency, amidst doubts, questions and fears, surrounded … Read more

Free newspaper for the next generation of December 17, 2022: “Hypersensitivity, intelligence and spirituality”

COURTESY RADIO CONTESTOFFICIAL RULES 1. NO-PURCHASE CONTEST. 2. Gift.The RADIO COURTESY contest (hereinafter “the contest”) is a game in which each winner will receive one (1) free six (6) month subscription to the “Valeurs Actuelles” magazine. Each day, a question will be asked during the morning “Ligne Droite”, the first ten (10) people to answer … Read more

Artificial intelligence, we need “founded criticism and monitored adherence”

Cardinals Ravasi, president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Culture, and Tolentino de Mendonça, his successor as prefect of the Dicastery for Culture and Education, presented today at the Italian Embassy to the Holy See the document “Artificial intelligence: distinguishes frequenter” created by the scientific council of the Cortile dei Gentili. The Portuguese cardinal: “It … Read more

There may be a genius near you, but you won’t recognize him by his intelligence

Psychologists have been trying to unravel the personality traits of geniuses for decades They emphasize that a common note to all is their curiosity and their mind “open to experiences” Other experts claim the value of intellectual humility as an indispensable condition of genius Nobody doubts that Mozart He was a wonder since he was … Read more

Algeria: Fouad Bousetouane, a journey to the top in the world of artificial intelligence

BUENOS AIRES: Fouad Bousetouane, executive director at the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence of the American company Grainger and a rising star in AI, continues to shine in his chosen field. The Algerian, who at just 35 years old will chair the first international congress on artificial intelligence in January, has agreed to discuss his … Read more

How to develop the spiritual intelligence of Haitians?

Described both as: “The ability to question the meaning and origin of things, to position oneself in relation to the limits that are beyond us, but also to enact one’s own rules of life taking into account one’s morals, values ​​and beliefs”, to use the presentation of the book by Stéphane Clerget, spiritual … Read more