Artificial intelligence, we need “founded criticism and monitored adherence”

Cardinals Ravasi, president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Culture, and Tolentino de Mendonça, his successor as prefect of the Dicastery for Culture and Education, presented today at the Italian Embassy to the Holy See the document “Artificial intelligence: distinguishes frequenter” created by the scientific council of the Cortile dei Gentili. The Portuguese cardinal: “It … Read more

There may be a genius near you, but you won’t recognize him by his intelligence

Psychologists have been trying to unravel the personality traits of geniuses for decades They emphasize that a common note to all is their curiosity and their mind “open to experiences” Other experts claim the value of intellectual humility as an indispensable condition of genius Nobody doubts that Mozart He was a wonder since he was … Read more

Algeria: Fouad Bousetouane, a journey to the top in the world of artificial intelligence

BUENOS AIRES: Fouad Bousetouane, executive director at the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence of the American company Grainger and a rising star in AI, continues to shine in his chosen field. The Algerian, who at just 35 years old will chair the first international congress on artificial intelligence in January, has agreed to discuss his … Read more

How to develop the spiritual intelligence of Haitians?

Described both as: “The ability to question the meaning and origin of things, to position oneself in relation to the limits that are beyond us, but also to enact one’s own rules of life taking into account one’s morals, values ​​and beliefs”, to use the presentation of the book by Stéphane Clerget, spiritual … Read more

Artificial Intelligence goes to the next level by “resurrecting” Steve Jobs


Podcasts are more fashionable than ever: according to a study, approximately 620 million people in the world listen to them frequently. And it is that this format offers the possibility of listening at length to specialists in infinite areas and connecting with them in a way that the radio did not allow. The latest episode … Read more

Bariza Khiari: “Sufi culture allows the maintenance of a flame of intelligence of the heart”

By Taoufiq Boudchiche Ms. Khiari is a former Senator, President of the Institute of Islamic Cultures (Paris), Vice-President of the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage (ALIPH) project in conflict zones, representative of President Emmanuel Macron within of this project. On Friday, October 7, she organized, as every year, within the framework of the … Read more

The analysis. Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam bent to Artificial Intelligence


What mystical essence will contain the Creation of Adam frescoed on the vault of the Sistine Chapel to release its dose of symbolic power to each generation? In the 1990s, redundantly launched by President Bush as “the decade of the brain” for the impulse provided to neuroscience, the interpretation that the reddish mantle that forms … Read more

Rosario Livatino: symbol of intelligence, industriousness and incorruptibility


“Livatino is an example not only for magistrates, but for all those who work in the field of law: for the consistency between his faith and his commitment to work, and for the relevance of his reflections“. A little over a year after his beatification, Rosario Livatino remains a solid point of reference: not a … Read more



THE ARTIST IS RECOGNIZED THE VALUE OF THE FUSION BETWEEN HIS MUSIC AND HIS SCIENTIFIC-SPIRITUAL STUDIES The award is conceived and promoted by Giuseppina Fragale, President of the Pro Loco of Gizzeria. This reality has as its purpose the promotion of the values, intelligence and excellence of the land of Calabria and from this year … Read more

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse. Catholic thinking.


July 4, 2022 Published by Marco Tosatti Marco Tosatti Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, it seems appropriate to bring this article to your attention appeared in Il Pensiero Cattolico, in which prof. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi intervenes on the case LaMDA from Google, which has revived the debate on the self-awareness of artificial intelligence. … Read more