New moon of September 25, 2022: these 3 signs will be particularly impacted

Reading the horoscope can sometimes make you feel like you’re confined only to your sun sign. If the latter is of fundamental importance for your radiance, you may also know that the set of 12 signs actually forms a sacred mandala that you can activate, as one would rub an Aladdin’s lamp and this, with … Read more

‘Thirteen Lives’: Ron Howard, Colin Farrell on How Spirituality Impacted Thailand’s Cave Rescue Movie

By Leah MarieAnn KlettChristian Post Reporter | Wednesday, August 04, 2022 Ron Howard’s “Thirteen Lives” stars Viggo Mortensen and Colin Farrell as Richard Stanton and John Volanthen. | Vince Valitutti/MGM In 2018, Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, like millions around the world, watched media coverage of the 18-day search and rescue operation to save 12 members … Read more