El actor de Hollywood Shia LaBeouf quiere ser diácono

Shia LaBeouf abraza catolicismo y diaconado Influencia transformadora de Mel Gibson Transformación profunda hacia estabilidad espiritual El reconocido actor Shia LaBeouf, recordado por su papel protagónico en las primeras películas de Transformers, ha tomado una decisión trascendental a sus 37 años. El cambio radical que ha decidido el joven actor en su vida toma por … Read more

5 Hollywood couples who said goodbye to their careers for love

What happens when some Hollywood couples discover their partners are cheating? What are the most famous relationships that have seen their careers end in conjunction with the end of their relationships? But above all, is it right that betrayals affect your career? Hollywood is often seen as the Mount Olympus of cinema and love. Many … Read more

Sicily arrives in Hollywood thanks to Paride Benassai. She is among the protagonists of a Netflix

The Palermo actor director and author of plays Paride Benassai is among the protagonists of From Scratch. The strength of a love, drama miniseries by Netflixa cross-cultural story from the actress’ memoir Tembi Locke. Released on October 21st and directed by Dennie Gordon and Nzingha Stewart, the series has been welcomed by international critics and … Read more

Tyler Henry, el médium de Hollywood que tiene una lista de espera de 300.000 personas

Con más de 300.000 personas en lista de espera, ansiosas de poder contactar con familiares y amigos que fallecieron, Tyler Henry, un californiano de 26 años, se ha convertido en el médium de Hollywood. Ante sus proezas adivinatorias, el mundo se ha partido en dos: quienes creen posible mantener conversaciones con los espíritus y quienes … Read more

Ezra Miller and Armie Hammer: the complaints that weigh on Hollywood actors

Serious complaints weigh on Hollywood actors ezra miller29 years old, and about Armie Hammer, 35, shocks the atmosphere of the mecca of cinema. The first of them, known for interpreting Flash in the DC Universe movie and for his participation in fantastic animals, is accused of robbery, violence, harassment and intimidation of minors. The rest, … Read more

Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick Best Movies of 2022

Since the opinions of any reviewer are inherently subjective, the lists that follow are not intended to be definitive or even guideline. These are just my personal favorites and those of my esteemed colleagues at THR review team. If they reflect, clash or challenge your own tastes and opinions, that’s a good thing; if they … Read more

The revenge of the Native Americans: Hollywood opens its doors to Indian actors

from Francesca Scorcucchi In the US, film production companies are increasingly attentive to minorities There was a time when Native Americans were called Indians or Indians, and in cinema they represented the savage past, while the whites were the bright future. Then things changed and “natives” stopped rhyming with “bad guys”. Movies like were conceived … Read more

Norway: Princess Märtha Louise abandons royalty for her shaman fiancé in Hollywood

She says she speaks to the angels and is going to marry a self-proclaimed “shaman”: Norwegian princess Märtha Louise announced on Tuesday that she would give up her official duties to carry out her controversial activities with her fiancé. “I regret that the princess no longer represents the royal house. She is very good at … Read more

Des westerns à “Star Wars”, comment Akira Kurosawa a influencé Hollywood

Plans somptueux, scénarios de maître et sabre ensanglantés… À l’occasion de la rétrospective Akira Kurosawa à la Cinémathèque, Numéro s’est intéressé à la façon dont le cinéaste japonais disparu en 1998 a influencé les westerns cultes de Sergio Leone tout autant que les duels légendaires de la saga Star Wars…   Sanjuro, personnage principal du long-métrage … Read more