The Netflix Secret Codes that will Lead You to Find the Hidden Series and Movies

Drafting/CHANGE 22 The five Netflix news for March that we do not want to miss Chances are, though, that there are a ton of movies and TV shows you’ve never come across when searching the streaming service’s extensive library. Unless you spend hours scrolling through the library, the highlighted titles are based on what you’ve … Read more

Netflix secret codes 2022: So you can see the hidden series and movies

Written in TECHNOLOGY the 11/1/2022 10:58 p.m. The Netflix catalog has more and more options that can make navigation difficult, especially if for a while it looks too much one style of series and films and all the ones suggested by the platform are similar. If you want to find more variety, there are some … Read more

Emilia Attias and the Turk Naim Sibara: a hidden camera, 18 years of love with freedom, three weddings and a daughter

They met recording a hidden camera of video match, 18 years ago. And although it was not a crush, they had chemistry and began to frequent each other, they became friends and fell in love. Emilia Attias and the Turk Naim Sibara they are 21 years apart, but that difference is just a detail in … Read more

On November 2 at the Church of Santa Maria del Prato, “The Hidden Shadows” is staged

After the success of the first part of the shows, the “Le Strade del Suono” Festival resumes, hence our Agency is the “Media Partner”. The appointment is for Wednesday 2 November at 9 pm at the Church of S Maria del Prato for the new three-year collaboration between the musicians ofEutopia Ensemble (in the photo … Read more

The secret codes to access the hidden categories of Netflix

Have you ever thought that there is nothing new to watch on Netflix? platform streaming It has a wide variety of content that is sometimes not used one hundred percent because it is not known how to access it, since the interface of the application and the website usually prioritize the visibility of the most … Read more

West Side Story and hidden spirituality in a world without redemption

We celebrate 60 years of West Side Story by analyzing how hidden spirituality and religious references open it to a different reading of the ending. West Side Story isn’t a film about religion, but it almost wasn’t. Jerome Robbins’ initial project was intended to be an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in which the clashes … Read more

Netflix: here are the secret codes to access the “hidden” catalogs

To all subscribers of netflix, you risk, in the coming days, not knowing what to watch or binge-watcher either as a film or as a series. As we know, the platform offers thousands of titles. And even when we search for 5 minutes “something new, that changes a bit”in vain… we always end up falling … Read more

Those Jews hidden by De Sica and Monsignor Montini doing extras for a film

Montini and De Sica on the setPhoto: Study Center of the Paolo VI Institute of Concesio – Brescia By Antonio Tarallo VATICAN CITY, January 27, 2022 / 2:00 PM (ACI Print) .- It sounds like a fairy tale, yet it is a true story. The protagonists? Vittorio De Sica and Monsignor Giovan Battista Montini, the … Read more