Meetings and itineraries in Harmony according to Nature

Why this event? How was it born? The event “Encounters and paths in harmony according to nature” comes from the will of Manuela Vaselli and Raffaella Ruschena to bring people together in an energetically nourishing context, where being together is “seasoned” with opportunities for growth, self-knowledge and taking care of oneself and others. In these … Read more

Pope praises natural harmony between faith and reason in education

Pope Francis received around a hundred members of the Fraternity of Saint Thomas Aquinas Groups on Friday, September 30, in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace. Before the priests, lay people and consecrated persons of this community founded in Argentina in 1962, the Sovereign Pontiff recalled the whole heritage of Saint Thomas in the … Read more

International Day of Peace: a date to reconcile and live in harmony


In many regions of the world, the flags of peace are raised as a synonym for no more war! No more conflict! However, human experience has shown that peace has much broader and more diverse meanings; It also depends on the culture and the ways in which communities dialogue and resolve their conflicts. Talking about … Read more

Jacques Rougerie: “Thanks to technology, we will once again live in harmony with nature”

On all continents, women and men are fighting to preserve the environment. This week, Match embarked with a spiritual son of Jules Verne who wants to make the oceans our future home. Paris Match. Tell us about “SeaOrbiter”, this crazy idea?Jacques Rougerie. “SeaOrbiter” is the culmination of all my research and the concentrate of all … Read more