Blind Guardian et l’œuvre du créateur

S’il y a un groupe qui a su exploiter avec brio la dimension « symphonique » dans un contexte heavy metal, c’est bien Blind Guardian. Associée à des structures progressives complexes, elle leur a permis d’accoucher de certaines des pièces les plus épiques du genre (le monumental « And Then There Was Silence » déjà … Read more

Stellita and her guardian angel: A book on family inclusion and Down syndrome

In this fourth book by Tere Domínguez O., we are taught that Down Syndrome does not limit either the people who have this condition or their caregivers. She reveals how love and family bonding can be cultivated around people with this condition. In his new book, Stellita and her guardian angel, the author Tere Domínguez … Read more

The words and authors behind the Star Guardian stories

Riot Games wants to show us how the teams prepared for this year’s Star Guardians event. STAR GUARDIAN NARRATION Hello, story-loving gamers! I’m Stephanie “Riot Lady Smalls” Bedford, narrative producer of League and Wild Rift, and local Star Guardian expert! The last /devblog of the narrative team goes back a long way … Read more

Spirituality and travel – The guardian angels of the tarmac

– The guardian angels of the tarmac Most major airports have a chaplaincy service, to support passengers or staff in a crisis situation. Testimonials. Anne-Sylvie Sprenger, Protestinfo Published: 26.07.2022, 10:58 Véronique Egger, chaplain of the Protestant Church of Geneva, at Cointrin airport. She mainly deals with supporting asylum seekers detained at the borders. VANESSA CARDOSO/24HOURS … Read more