full of gods

Dear Gabriel, One of the words that resonates most forcefully in my heart is enthusiasm. Its etymology is powerful: “to be full of gods”. The people I admire the most are enthusiasts, they walk through the world possessed by a certain spirit, overwhelmed. The natural world is enthusiastic, it occurs to me as I write. … Read more

“Unloved, I discovered God’s unconditional love for me”

In a corner of her studio in Angers, we immediately notice her: a magnificent XXL triptych icon open like welcoming arms, which contrasts with the joyful disorder of the room. A welcome in the image of its history, the story of a rebirth. Because Olivier Perret, a 25-year-old psychology student, has come a long way. … Read more

The Return of the Gods, an expo where the gods do everything you did not imagine

The Return of the Gods presents physical and digital pieces about the pre-Hispanic worldview and the possibilities of the metaverse. In the exhibition “The Return of the Gods” you will see the pre-Hispanic gods as you have never imagined them: with iPad in hand. Oh yes!, life changes so rapidly that even they had to … Read more

Palms and gods: ten religious films that marked the Cannes Film Festival

Of the law of the lord by William Wyler (1956) to Benedetta by Paul Verhoeven, presented on Friday July 9, 2021 on the Croisette (and released the same day in theaters), religion has often been present on Cannes screens, taking more than once the detour of History and films in suits. And if we had … Read more

The Dragon Ball Gods Secretly Consider Piccolo a Greater Threat Than Frieza | Pretty Reel

Aside from his final show of power in his final Dragon Ball appearance in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Piccolo has been sidelined against the other heroes and villains he was once on par with, this which is a far cry from his early days in Dragon Ball where even the gods of … Read more

The twilight of the gods and the rise of conspiracy theories

Next year, in November, it will be 60 years since the assassination of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. An assassination filmed live and broadcast to the entire world; one of the most investigated crimes in history. But today and despite the efforts of Oliver Stone, among others, no one knows for sure what really happened, … Read more

Cristicchi & Amara in Agerola on the Paths of the Gods: all Battiato

summer music NoonJuly 22, 2022 – 18:13 Saturday 23 July the concert for Franco Battiato “We will be back again”. Next guests Michele Bravi and Marco Zurzolo with Tony Esposito from LM Many music events scheduled in Agerola On the Paths of the Gods, a festival on the High Amalfi Coast. After the concert for … Read more

from 28 to 31 July in Cagliari the second edition of the literary and meeting festival “Not even the Gods”

Strong of its debut last November, it returns “Not even the gods”the literary festival and meetings author promoted to Cagliari from the cooperative Vox Daya well-established brand in the panorama of independent music in Sardinia, but also active in other areas such as books and the comparison of ideas. Not even the Gods (the name … Read more