“Towards Venice” the music of Antonio Fresa in a glass

On the occasion of the Venice Cocktail Week, the concert on Saturday 1 October by Asolo Musica – Veneto Musica at the Lo Squero Auditorium in Venice will be a union of notes and “spirits” that mix. A multisensory experience that will combine the music of Antonio Fresa with the cocktails of the San Giorgio … Read more

The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore hosts Ai Weiwei’s solo show, including glass sculptures and LEGO installations

by Editorial staff, written on 08/05/2022, 12:26:37 Categories: Exhibitions / Topics: Contemporary art Ai Weiwei’s solo show entitled La Commedia Umana – Memento Mori will be set up on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice from 28 August to 27 November 2022. Also on display is the largest suspended Murano glass sculpture … Read more

Fabienne Verdier: “Stained glass is an art of great spirituality”


Trained in calligraphy in China with a master in the early 1980s, this internationally renowned artist works in the solitude of her studio located in Vexin. Equipped with huge horsehair brushes made by her, using a technique dating back to the Tang (618-907), Fabienne Verdier works standing, on the floor on canvases of several square … Read more

Festival dei 2Mondi, rich menu … they bog me down! Philip Glass, brilliant but mortified choice


Because those who came to Spoleto yesterday did not find a single inaugural show in front of them (as per the tradition of more than ten years), but six of them, all more or less wedged in such a way that whoever wanted to, could have gotten drunk to the point of the Festival, and … Read more

“The sleeping giant of Indian spirituality” according to Philip Glass: The Passion of Ramakrishna inaugurates the Spoleto Festival with the Budapest Festival Orchestra and Iván Fischer.


(UNWEB) Spoleto, – The 65th edition of the Festival dei Due Mondi opens tomorrow Friday 24 June at 19:30 in Piazza del Duomo in Spoleto, with the first European performance of Philip Glass’s oratorio The Passion of Ramakrishna, entrusted at the Budapest Festival Orchestra conducted by Iván Fischer in Piazza Duomo and joined for the … Read more