“What remains of the present”, Volumnia hosts the exhibition by Gianluigi Colin

A complex and monumental site-specific installation gives life to Gianluigi Colin’s exhibition in the Volumnia gallery in Piacenza. Gianluigi Colin (Pordenone, 1956) has been working on the dialogue between images and words for many years. In particular, the center of his work is the media system, the dimension of time and the value of Memory. … Read more

“Religions without God” the photographic exhibition by Gianluigi Peps Sosio

In Bormio, from 5 July to 27 August, at the Civic Museum, the photographic exhibition of Gist partner Gianluigi Peps Sosio, journalist and photoreporter An exhibition born with a long journey made up of many journeys. A story that is born by telling other stories, other events. Crossing the African villages scattered in the equatorial … Read more