The German Pope in love with Spain and worried about her

“Adeeply admired the great Spanish mystics. Above all to Saint Teresa and Saint John of the Cross, whose works constitute his spiritual nourishment. Perhaps because his life as a Catholic intellectual was always guided by spirituality and truth” “Spain was a country known and loved by the Pope. And a country that worried him especially. … Read more

We all love Black | “ALBERTO BOREA: Archaeologies of the present and poetics of the city” in the Germán Krüger Espantoso Space of the ICPNA in Miraflores

The exhibition in homage to Alberto Borea (1979 – 2020) opens the way for the rescue of contemporary art in a country without memory, where the deceased protagonists of our cultural work very quickly fall into oblivion. We have very gifted young people, like Christian Quijada or Miguel Alfaro, who disappeared prematurely in the last … Read more

German scientists and theologians join scientific rebellion over climate inaction

“Save creation” from climate catastrophe is the cry of prominent figures from the German Catholic Church who have joined the scientific rebellion in Munich calling for a new alliance between science and faith. Alberto Coronel/Agnes Delage To the cry of “Save creation!”, relevant figures of the German Catholic Church have joined the campaign of civil … Read more