Somewhere form here to heaven at Azkuna Zentroa: showing the cinema

Bilbao, 08/11/2022 Bruce Baillie did not conceive cinema as narrative and did not work alone: ​​this fundamental figure of the avant-garde and film experimentation in the United States promoted, in 1961, the first projection of the Canyon Cinema distributor, a session with films not accepted until then nowhere, and some time later he founded the … Read more

Culture, here is the widespread exhibition ‘The breath of form: the works of Gianfranco Meggiato exhibited in the city

After the exhibition last spring at the church of Santa Maria della Spina, the sculptor returns to Pisa Gianfranco Meggiato with a new solo show in the city, entitled ‘The breath of form’. From 22 October to 4 December, fourteen large-sized works will be exhibited in the historic center, including Piazza del Duomo and Piazza … Read more

“Creativity is a form of resilience”. Interview with Fiona Annis

from Teresa Lanna. Look “beyond” the image; analyze every detail of the means used to capture the present moment, providing new and original interpretative ideas, which will give life, in turn, to ever new reflections and interpretations. There is this and much more in the Canadian artist’s work Fiona Annis, which places a careful exploration … Read more

Art, the last form of freedom: Beppe D’Onghia guest of Profondouman

Beppe D’onghia THE INTERVIEW The Deep Human festival, with the subtitle Inhabiting the world poetically, continues its meetings dedicated to the interior and to human spirituality. Next appointment Friday 23 September at 9 pm in the Giorgio Busca theater, with the title When music is poetry. The recited part is by the Albese actor Paolo … Read more

Young veiled Christians on TikTok: “There is a return of a form of spirituality of the body”

Will Christianity also have to come to terms with the veil? Young women and teenage girls claiming to be Christian wear the veil more and more and promote it on the TikTok social network. A sign of religiosity traditionally associated with Muslim women, to which European Christianity is not accustomed. Symbol of modesty, imitation of … Read more

Arianna Porcelli Safonov: ‘Beware of politically correctness, it is a form of censorship’. The exclusive interview

“Every year a new bugbear is produced to get us under it. When I was little, yes he must have been afraid of the Moroccans, then there were the Mad Cow, the arsenic in the water and Jehovah’s Witnesses… But we are not satisfied with the frightening social proposals. And thanks also to the climate … Read more

‘The cathedrals belong to the people’: Antonio Aradillas in its purest form

Yes, the cathedrals belong to the people, this It is the reiterated proclamation that heads each one of the pages of the text, one more, of those written by the veteran active journalist and well-known priest and journalist Antonio Aradillas. The present text of extensive and studied elaboration derives from the leisurely selection drawn from … Read more