“For behold, the winter is past; The rain stopped, it went away. The flowers appear on the earth, The time to sing has arrived. Song 2:11

Share on networks: January 12, 2023Sylviane & Jeanine JOIN US ! Download the Christians TV app. Sur cette terre craquelée sans fleurs ni verdure, Le désert de mon coeur s’est changé en jardin, Une fontaine scellée, une source d’eau pure Le Divin jardinier l’a créé de sa main. Les chardons et les ronces y … Read more

Between flowers and votive aedicules: the Floràlia project illuminates Recontemporary

The young artists Fortune DeNardo And Lorenzo Peluffo are the protagonists of the new personal exhibition da Recontemporarycurated by the Ghёddo association. An immersive exhibition that was born in the context of Brand new+the first edition of the announcement TO.BE dedicated to the professional growth of emerging artists, coming from a training course at the … Read more

The rebellion of the flowers, the documentary about the historical claim of indigenous women in the Ministry of the Interior | CINEMA

“I’m going to spend another year without my son. And if my son wasn’t Indian, weren’t they going to kill him? Asks one of the women who participated in The rebellion of the flowers, the documentary about the historic occupation of the Ministry of the Interior made by 23 members of indigenous peoples in search … Read more

“The Rebellion of the Flowers”, by María Laura Vasquez (Premiere: September 30)

The friday september 30 at 7:00 p.m. it opens The rebellion of the flowersof Mary Laura Vasquez, a documentary that includes the participation of self-convened indigenous women from conflicting territories. It will be exhibited during October at the San Martín Cultural Center and at the Gaumont Cinema from Thursday, October 13. In October 2019, a … Read more

Golden Bell Tower and Popular Jury Award to “The Scent of Paper Flowers” the film by Emilio Corbari

Ardesio. From Israel, Caserta Vecchia, Milan, Macerata Campania and Gubbio to Ardesio: directors and guests of the third edition of the international film festival “Sacrae Scenae – Ardesio Film Festival” held over the weekend in Ardesio (from 26 to 28 August), they arrived in the upper Val Seriana to attend the festival and the awards … Read more

Orchids: the language of flowers feel the magic they transmit

Whatever the occasion, a birthday, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, a graduation, or if you just want to offer a nice thank you gift, an orchid is the perfect medium to convey positive feelings and emotions. These special and delicate beauties are famous for their significance as a symbol of pure love, beauty, luxury and toughness. … Read more

Humus, flowers and skulls in Fonte Avellana. Until 31 July, the works of the Jesi artist Andrea Silicati will be on display

The afternoon light, which falls grazing on the rough stone of the walls from a high window, lights up splashes of color. These are the flowers that bloom in Andrea Silicati’s paintings: they make up the personal exhibition that was inaugurated yesterday at the monastery of Fonte Avellana. The site, unusual for an art exhibition, … Read more