Song and dance of the huehuentones with evenings in the pantheon, this is the festival of Todos Santos

The Huehuentones of Mazatec are the artists of death, and they are mostly active young people, or older than 40 to 50 years old who every October 27, prior to the All Saints’ Day, dress up outlandishly with different outfits; charros or wicker and rattan hats, masks with the faces of ring fighters, politicians, famous … Read more

Genius Loci: four evenings and a sold out dawn for the fifth edition to discover Santa Croce

Wim Mertens @ Alessandro Botticelli Genius Loci – The initiative organized by Controradio Club, Opera di Santa Croce and Controradio was held from 20 to 24 September in the spaces of the monumental complex of Santa Croce, Florence. Four evenings and a sold out dawn for the 5th “Genius Loci: discovering Santa Croce”. In the … Read more

Great guests in the splendid scenery of Vieste. “Spectacular evenings in the name of culture and current affairs”

It had to be the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico to open the Gargano edition of the Libro Possibile in Vieste, but this time too it was blocked by the government crisis. And so the protagonists of the first evening of the Festival were the winner of the Strega Prize, Mario Desiati, the former … Read more